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Welcome to Heim Recruitment Services. My name is Dale Heim and I provide a recruitment service to qualified hospital staff for hospitals in Germany We work strictly in accordance with German requirements, rules and regulations.

Heim Recruitment Services is contracted to HSSC Healthcare Services & Solutions in Germany. If recruited by us, you would be provided with a contract and a work visa to stay and work in Germany for the duration of your contract.

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No, there are no costs for you. No Flight costs, no Language cost, no Medical assessments costs.

The courses are held online or on site by professional German tutors. The exams are taken by recognised institutes, such as the Goethe-Institut.

You need A2 to come to Germany and B2 to be recognised in your profession.

You only need to have a recognised professional nursing qualification in your country.

Like any normal employment contract. You have no disadvantages compared to your German colleagues. Our law provides for a collective agreement that treats everyone equally.

Usually 40 hours per week.

At least minimum 24 working days paid a year. Mostly, however, it is more like 28 to 30 days.

You can train and specialise, but you can also be promoted.

The average salary for health care and nursing staff is around 3,205 euros gross per month. 64 000 ZAR However, local allowances, weekend work and public holidays are added on top. In addition, a 13th salary at Christmas is also paid.

Recognition takes place through a so-called recognition internship or knowledge recognition.

Yes, there are no differences here. EQUALITY IS CRITICAL IN GERMANY.

Yes, there are no differences in salary either.

Of course we support you with everything that has to do with authorities.

That depends on you. But you can live easily with 1500 euros a month.

Yes, from the first day in Germany. Similar to Discovery full comp. Platinum Plan.

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